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Company Policy


Reservations can be made in the following ways: Your reservation is successful when you receive a confirmation from us.
* COMPANY reserves the right to offer the customer a different car mark / model/ on same group or higher, at the same price as the reserved vehicle.

Rental term:

The minimum rental term is 24 hours. The rental term should be determined before the rent starts. Extensions are acceptable only after a written conformation from COMPANY.
Rental term: Non observance of the check-in date , pointed in the contract with more than 24 hours is considered as a reason for the termination of the contract. In that case Global Rent a Car will inform the police and will undertake the appropriate measures to trace the car.


We do accept the following forms of payment:


1. Driver
2. Other driver's requirements Requirements:
3. Documents requirements

Deposit policy

Additional driver/s

Vehicle Insurance

All vehicles are offered with Third party Insurance, Collision Damage waiver /CDW/ and Theft Waiver /TW/ insurances. The cost of these insurances is included in the basic rate of the vehicle. These insurances reduce the Client’s liability to the Excess charge depending on the vehicle.

Liability of the Customer

In case of an accident there will be no excess charge if the Customer / driver / is not at fault and this is verified by the police statement / protocol. If a statement / protocol is not presented at the time of check in, the Customer will be charged for the full damage. If the Customer is found to be at fault and a police statement / protocol is present the Customer will be lieble for the full Excess. The Collision Damage Waiver and Super CDW are not full comprehensive insurances and have some exceptions: They do not cover the following cases: under car body damages; damages on the tyres and wheel rims not caused by fire or accident; racing, training, pulling of other vehicle etc; damages inside the car and stereo; driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; wilful action or gross negligence; written statement by police is not presented at time of check in. TW and Super TW do not cover the following cases: The car has been stolen with the car documents or/and the car keys; The Customer has not reported the theft to the police and Global Rent a Car and /or has no statement by the police at time of check in. The car has been driven outside of Bulgaria without Global Rent a Car consent. In these cases Global Rent a Car will claim the liability, up to the full extend of the damage.

Additional insurances

A special Super CDW / SCDW/ and Super TW /STW/ is available for Customers who wish to have no Excess charge. Call Global for more information.

Gasoline / Fuel Policy

The gasoline expenses are not included in the rate. At the time of collection the car will contain a full tank of fuel and should be returned with a full tank of fuel. If not, a charge of EUR 1,5 for each liter of gasoline will be made.

Delivery / Collection

We offer free delivery / collection services within city limits **. Global Rent a Car also offers outside city limits and out of opening hours, delivery/collection, upon request. ** Valid only in cities where our offices are located.

One-way rentals

One way rentals allowed on request ! Additional fee may apply.. Please contact us for more information.

Driving abroad

Driving outside Bulgaria is possible for a few countries and with extra charges. **** ****Contact the nearest Global Rent a Car office for details


For a loss of car documents or/ and a key,additional fee of EURO 100.00 per each will be charged. All supplementary charges for fines, parking tickets and etc. will be requested to be paid by the Customer who rented the specified car.

Additional Services / Extras

Other Conditions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of reservation can be made at any time.
By pressing "I agree and accept" button , the renter confirm that he acknowledgements and accepts Company's "General Rental Conditions".